Leaked Document Exposes Cable Network’s Indoctrination Agenda?


Noted screenwriter, author, speaker, thinker, Hollywood Whistleblower, Tiffany FitzHenry has just released what appears to be inside information exposing the way top Hollywood influential figures use psychological warfare by requesting writers/creators to formulate stories based on narratives that influence the audience with subtle behavioral manipulations.


The document thought to be attained from WME, a Hollywood agency, describe how in 2013 cable networks were looking for shows that had certain plot directions…one such plot direction is simply called “mental illness”. Another such direction is “Army wives as a comedy”.

Ultimately, one must ask themselves what science went in to selecting these precise narratives to solicit writers to create? For what purpose was “mental illness” & “teens / 20 somethings in jail” requested as a “NETWORK NEED”? Is this a part of a larger plan to implant subtle behavior modification seeds into the minds of unwitting viewers?

Only time will tell.