Q Knew Exact Day Of No Name Death?

Did Q Tell Us The Exact Day John “No Name” McCain Would Die?

August 26, 2018 | JustInformed News

In a shocking new revelation, new questions are being asked about whether Q Anon knew the exact day of the death of Senator John McCain.

The question has become relevant enough to have multiple anons, or anonymous individuals, pointing out that Q post 1649 seems to directly reference “No Name action.” and to state the phrase “Every dog has its day.” At first glance, this comment seemed innocuous, a subtle play on words to indicate justice would be served perhaps? Rather, I submit to you that there was much more meaning behind the seeming harmless phrase.

As you all know, today, Senator John McCain passed away from complications of his previously treated brain tumor. As coincidence would have it, today is also “National Dog Day” in the United States.


Correction: John McCain passed away on August 25, 2018. So, Q was off by one day?

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46 thoughts on “Q Knew Exact Day Of No Name Death?

  1. Hi Craig iam a long time follower this revelation we have experienced with “no name” has blown my mind I watched the news announce his death and it blew my mind after this I watched some star trek the next generation as I always do and there was an episode about “Q” he is a higher being perhaps a God who can visit any time in future or past and he often takes the captain on time travel missions to test him and protect the universe from catastrophic upcoming events as he cant directly change the future he needs to use a human as you can see my mind has been going crazy after watching this episode and iam a normal human being no history of mental illness haha but just maybe with this impossible death date prediction the old books on barron trump and the fact that Q and POTUS seem to be one step ahead also the crucial crossroads of the election (hillary = possible end times trump = a future for humanity) just maybe some higher power/being is at the centre of all this or perhaps my sleepless night with thoughts of time travel/future knowledge are just crazy thoughts and I need a Dr

  2. No, there are more ways than time travel to know when someone is going to die. Especially if you are going to kill them.

  3. I am not convinced yet that no name is dead. Maybe he was allowed to suicide himself. Maybe he was arrested and he was allowed to have it look as though he died.

  4. I thought No Name passed last night, Saturday, Aug. 25. National Dog Day is today, Sunday, Aug. 26. Ok, I’m picky but have to admit that one day off is still pretty impressive, if, in fact, Q knew.

  5. Please make your print darker and crisper. I’m having a hard time seeing this as it is all so light and foggy looking. Thanks, Grandma

  6. Pages are not loading correctly on my iPad. Main page is really bad. Only see parts of what should be there and are faded looking.

  7. Right now there’s a band that crosses over the past that blanks that portion out. It may be my phone.I’m glad you added this since i’m not on twitter.

  8. Problem is, McCain died on Aug 25th, not the 26th, which is the date of this article, stating he died “today”, not yesterday. Aug 26th is national dog day.

  9. Saturday was not National Dog Day Sunday is. Too bad he got off the hook even though Q knew when it would happen. Would have been nice to see some justice for once.

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  12. Q is compared to a modern day NOSTRADAMUS. There have been many people who have visions that are based on knowledge that not many possess.

  13. Be SURE to keep your efforts, which are good, lined up per the parameters of the Apostle Paul’s instructions to us.

  14. The only way this could be possible is if McCain faked his death. No one knows the exact time another person is going to die unless it’s planned. I refuse to believe that anything Evil was done to that Man all these rumors and claims of forced suicide are just bordering on making Q sound more like a Conspiracy Theorist and maybe thats the point. Q is about Good v Evil. Not creating Evil so I’m finding the claims made about this drop completely inaccurate.

  15. Q understood that McCain would die on the same day as Senator Kennedy (9 years to the day). Dates coinciding with significant events are important in some circles. Q’s call out was intentional.

  16. In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way. Franklin D. Roosevelt
    Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/franklin_d_roosevelt_164126
    {yes I know the libtards at snopes and others claim this quote is not attributed to FDR, — the only one they reject, by the way}

    There are no coincidences,

    or do you think that it is a coincidence that worthless traitor noname owns the largest beer distributorship in the southwest;

    or do you think that it is a coincidence that the libtard echochamber media repaid worthless traitor noname by giving his unqualified daughter a seat on TV;

    or do you think that it is a coincidence that worthless traitor noname REFUSED TO RESIGN HIS POWER AND SENATE SEAT before May 1st 2018 so that the good people of Arizona could have TWO true conservative choices in the re-pubic primary and elect SHERIFF JOE to the noname seat instead of splitting the republican votes over the worthless FLAKE’s seat;

    ALL REPUBLICANS MUST UNITE WITH THOSE IN ARIZONA TO DEMAND THAT THE GOVERNOR OF ARIZONA APPOINT SHERIFF JOE TO THE noname seat because that seat will be up for the general election in just two years in 2020 and Sheriff Joe is over 80 and he might not want to run again but SHERIFF JOE CAN STILL PROTECT THE PEOPLE OF ARIZONA FOR TWO YEARS!!


  17. If all truths were exposed, even those of us who are awake would have a hard time sleeping at night.
    Trust the plan.
    We are winning.
    Pray and believe
    As Q said…We are in control.

  18. If Q really knew of the exact day…this bothers me. I think a deadline or something was coming…maybe even an indictment. But to say he was given a choice to commit S? Or that he is in GITMO casts serious doubt for me wether we can trust the plan let alone trust Q. I really hope we get clarification to avoid further speculation. I mean talking about time travel sounds way crazier that pizzagate. Why give the MSM more reason to discredit q and the community? I have followed for only about 3’months so please give me a little grace as newbie.

  19. I agree with Paul. The thought of a choice to commit s. (Rommel option) or a direct, deliberate action (akin to a CIA hit man) are both disturbing to me. GITMO is more palpable. Nicole also has a good point: 911 was a false flag. Q knew not only the day but the exact time of death. 4:28 See Serial Brain2 for explanation.

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