Will Bruce Ohr’s Testimony Expose The Whole Cabal?

Bruce Ohr’s Testimony Creates More Proofs of Q Anon?

This latest video dives into the newest Q Anon posts which seem to indicate that the truth with be coming as soon as tomorrow with the revelations set to come out of Bruce Ohr’s closed door testimony before congress.

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[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ek_MgNKuQKg%5B/embedyt%5D

1 thought on “Will Bruce Ohr’s Testimony Expose The Whole Cabal?

  1. Answer to is nazism part of a wider more powerful group quick answer YES of course it is guess most Americans are not trully knowledgeable regarding current royal family particular king Edward viii if you research thoroughly you will see it appears someone was pulling the strings behind closed doors to force the abdication and allow the current Queen and her nazi husband to take control of Great Britain join the dots research with open mind and you too will see the connection..King Edward viii interview with kenneth Harris pay attention to his body language currently he is made out to be a traitor but if you research him properly and discover the man he really was you will see he has been tarnished to make people think he was a nazi sympathiser when in actual fact he was doing his royal duty by visiting Germany just like current royal visits are conducted but shortly after becoming king he abdicates through scandal to marry a woman who didnt want to marry him and the current Queen and Duke of Edinburgh (known nazi)take reign of Great Britain if it wasnt for the hype of Edward viii abdication the people of Gb would never have allowed the current Queen and her nazi husband to sit on the throne

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