Was Q Anon Debunked By ‘Microchip’?


After Several Tweets & Reports, Jack Posobiec Claims To Have Debunked Q Anon…Here Is The Real Story.

September 9, 2018 | JustInformed Talk

Alright, today, we are going to take a look at the supposed debunking of Q Anon by Jack Posobiec and his anonymous source ‘Microchip’.

So, as you all know, the former intelligence officer under the Obama administration, Jack Posobiec, has made some very interesting claims regarding the fact that he believes he has finally and officially debunked the anonymous online source for all deep state, globalist intel, ‘Q Anon’.

According to Jack, an anonymous 4chan source who goes by the name ‘Microchip’ has come forward to reveal that himself and others in the 4chan community manufactured the ‘Q Anon’ persona back in September 2017 as a way to rally the MAGA Trump base. The way ‘Microchip’ describes this experiment is basically as a fun and inventive way to engage the MAGA movement on behalf of the President by creating an online persona named ‘Q clearance patriot’ who would motivate strong supporters to research certain issues which were never fully resolved following the 2016 Presidential election.

Jack and his anonymous source both claim to have knowledge and evidence that the ‘Q’ persona has been co-opted by outside forces whose sole intention is to sow discord and wreak havoc on the MAGA pro-Trump movement by making wild and baseless accusations in an attempt to undermine the legitimacy of the MAGA movement as a whole.

In a recent report featured on the cable news channel, One America News, Jack interviews ‘Microchip’ who claims to have been the progenitor of the ‘Q’ movement among others. The report states that since the posts moved from 4ch.net to 8ch.net, the ‘Q’ persona is being controlled by people trying to undermine the MAGA movement.

Jack and ‘Microchip’ claimed to have chat logs from discord which through timestamps prove that ‘Microchip’ and others were discussing the creation of ‘Q Anon’ well before the first post was made in October of 2017. This chat log seems to indicate that ‘Microchip’ and others were discussing the creation of ‘Q’ in September of 2017. Here is the chat log LINK.

Well, ‘Q’ decided to respond.

Q POST 2120

In this post, ‘Q’ summarily breaks down the illegitimacy of Jack’s reporting on this matter by revealing two important facts:

  1. Anyone can manufacture, or falsify, discord chat logs by simply making some incredibly simple edits.
  2. It’s probably a good sign that they are fake if one of the messages from September 14, 2017 is referencing an article that was not created until two days later on September 16, 2017.

In conclusion, I will leave it up to you to decide whether or not Jack Posobiec & ‘Microchip’ are telling the truth. But, if you ask me, this is another pathetic attempt to discredit ‘Q Anon’ for the simple reason that ‘Q’ represents a clear and present threat to the mainstream media’s stranglehold on information. And, as we all know, KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.

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