Silencing Conservative Voices: Big Tech’s Monopoly on Free Speech

Silencing Conservative Voices:  Big Tech’s Monopoly on Free Speech

September 18, 2018 | JustInformed Talk

There is no doubt that big tech companies are biased towards a far-left agenda.  However, do they actually act on their beliefs to censor those that don’t align with their own?  The media, for the most part, claims that this is a lie, however, many individuals striving to get their viewpoint across, have a completely different experience, and report being banned without warning or their content not appearing in searches. I, for one, have experienced this phenomena first-hand. I have had content regularly demonetized without explanation. I have had multiple subscribers tell me that they are being unsubscribed from my channel. I have experienced multiple reports of my content being restricted or unavailable in certain countries around the world. And many other anomalous happenings which seem to all add up to the same conclusion: Big Tech hates free speech!

Although a bakery that refuses to make a wedding cake for a gay couple will be sued, anyone who dares insinuate that abortion is wrong, universal healthcare isn’t feasible, or exposes the moral shortcomings of liberal figure-heads is demonetized (confirmed by computer “algorithms”) and kicked off searches or “shadow banned” in Google/Facebook/Twitter platforms (good examples are Diamond and Silk being kicked off Facebook, and Alex Jones being kicked off all platforms).  This is not just passive aggressive behavior, but war against free speech, regardless of whether you agree with the viewpoints.

The issue, however, is not if you agree with views that might be viewed as conservative.  Many Americans have mixed beliefs that encompass both parties (for example, you can be fiscally conservative, but socially liberal).  One of the greatest aspects of this country is that we have people with very different viewpoints that are willing to debate in a respectable manner.  My issue is that big tech platforms that have almost complete monopolies on a certain types of media (YouTube for example), are making it considerably more difficult for content creators with views that don’t align with their own to be heard, which is flat-out unconstitutional.

The solution is simple.  Big tech companies are free to believe and promote whatever they desire.  However, when they begin to suppress those who they don’t agree with, they become big brother.  Big Tech needs to be a true platform of free speech, and unless there is excessive gore or inflammatory language, they should provide fair monetization and search-ability as long as their guidelines are followed and credit is given where credit is due.  After all, great research and scientific breakthroughs have all been through objective people who strive for the truth regardless of their own personal agendas or emotions.



God bless.

4 thoughts on “Silencing Conservative Voices: Big Tech’s Monopoly on Free Speech

  1. It’s not just the media. The viewers of that media who are brainwashed, and they practice those same tactics, proclaiming they’re offended when WE speak yet they are free to say whatever they want and we better clam up and like it!

  2. American Patriots are the innovative backbone of this beautiful country. WHY do we not have our own “Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Google?” Monopolies are supposed to be illegal in this country. C’mon, American “Techie” Patriots! “Tech Up!” MAGA

  3. Google is now partnered with ALL major cell phone providers recently too. Being monetarily the biggest country on Earth now, Google watches our every move and might even be able to shut down our phone calls! Think I’m crazy? Just try clicking ‘like’ on a live White House YouTube feed then try making a phone call to a municipal building afterwards, a lot of people are experiencing calls that won’t connect even with full bars after leaving thumbs up on YouTube for certain posts. God bless those who believe in the Lord in God’s country, America!

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