“Seth Rich 2”? DC Lobbyist Murdered No Motive Apparent…

“Seth Rich 2”? DC Lobbyist Murdered No Motive Apparent…

September 20, 2018 | JustInformed Talk

On Tuesday September 18, 2018, a young DC lobbyist was jogging through the Logan Circle area of Washington, DC when she was viciously and randomly attacked by a man wielding a knife. Wendy Martinez, a Georgetown University graduate with a master of arts in Latin American studies, died shortly after the attack.

Wendy was the chief of staff at a DC lobbying firm called FiscalNote. Recently, she had been profiled by a Big Tech lobbying firm called “The Bridge” who wrote a short bio on her as well as a Q&A.

According to multiple outlets, the primary suspect in the stabbing has been apprehended and ID’d as Anthony Marquell Crawford.

So, how could this unsolved murder be another Seth Rich style assassination?

In Q post 2201, Q says the following:

BLACKMAIL v Senate & House [BRIDGE: FAKE NEWS MEDIA] being used to apply leverage against POTUS and/or force immediate ‘impeachment’ hearings based on ‘mental state – potential release of state secrets – sources & methods….’

This post was made exactly one day before the murder of Mrs. Martinez. A lot of ‘anons’ were very quick to begin speculation on her connection to ‘The Bridge’ lobbying network. ‘The Bridge’ has been connected to such tech giants as Google, Twitter, Microsoft, Verizon, Dell, and many other big names.

So, was the murder of Wendy Martinez a random act of violence?

Or, did she know too much?

You guys let me know what you think in the comments.

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7 thoughts on ““Seth Rich 2”? DC Lobbyist Murdered No Motive Apparent…

  1. I truly enjoy your insights – since I am fairly new at following Qanon info and once I start reading them, I can get caught up in reading all the remarks sometimes not realizing it’s almost daylight in Dallas, TX I truly want to say “Thank you for all your research, everyone” !!!

  2. George Webb knows the most. Go to his youtube. He talks about her firm having advanced research orograms making lobbying unnecessary and also about money laundering. Also her ties to “inter america” a child adoption agency.

  3. Craig, I am having a very difficult time logging in here using WordPress. Is there any way to reset my account here so I can do a new log in?

  4. Peter Newsham, DC Police Chief, is totally in the tank for Media Matters/Soros. Check out his involvement in Comet Ping Pong, Seth Rich, and now Ms. Martinez.

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