What if this was always the plan?

4 thoughts on “What if this was always the plan?

  1. Soon the news on youtube will influence the Broadcast media… otherwise the Media giants of last century will fall.

    I will love to see the day you, praying medic, titus frost, and sgt report, converge to a team of decompartmentalized news media coverage.

    God bless

  2. Ignorance,like low ig Maxine,exemplifies arrogance as never seen.nasa should maybe send a satellite inside her head to see how much space exist.darkness really does show their evil intents!This is the problem,Maxine,someday I hope that someone develops a miniature submarine,put it in your head ,to see what creatures unseen by humankind,are present.We will continue our prayers,and pray that whatever is in there,is removed.May GOD almighty protect your legend.

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