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  1. So happy that you have your web-site, we all must start separating from YouTube. Good luck and I will continue to listen to what you have to say. God Bless you and Keep looking up.

  2. Glad to see you doing what you set out to do. I do not know if you remember me wanting to wait till 480 comes up on the 1st 500 on patreon. Very surprised that it has not come yet. However I am gonna start my weekly contributions now. I have searched out and prayed for my answer and feel confident that sending my tithes to you is in fact spreading the word of God. We both know that is the whole purpose of tithing. God bless you brother. Please contact me directly if you can. I have much more than finance to offer. I do not use ANY social media so I cannot support you on those platforms.i do realize YouTube is social media but it is not the same to me. Have a great day brother. I love you in Christ and appreciate all you do.

    1. Agree! I also avoid all social media… yet, follow Craig on YouTube. Also agree, with censorship running rampid, it is wise to have your own website so that you’re well prepared if it were needed as the only means to continue to spread unbiased news and the Word. God Bless!

  3. Congratulations, Craig! I love that I have a place where I can respond. I refuse to make a youtube channel to do that, I posted “#walk away” on my fb page for dems I know and I haven’t been back either…so much for them, and us, from which to walk away. Glad we have a relevant place to go. Thank you for all your hard work!
    Well done with McCain news.

  4. Good for you Craig! This will hopefully give you more freedom ! With your honesty & hard work & the Word of God as your guide & faith…you can’t go wrong! It takes a strong mind to bring us the truth no matter where it leads us! God bless you !

  5. Well done Greig, not working well as yet HERE in the UK! Looking forward to a bug free version, regards Alan

  6. Wishing you the best. As you acknowledged, Youtube can’t be trusted. I’ve added this site to my favorites and I will come back. Thanks for setting it up.

  7. Oh my I just googled about the queen being a shape shifter and went way to far down a rabbit hole. Could this be what Q is saying? It will be hard for those not awake to handle the truth? The reptilians? All the deep State blood suckers are also?

  8. Hi Craig, Victory through JESUS! Your site is really good, just a note as I know this is beta testing. The site is not loading all the way. Otherwise, may GOD be with you and congratulations, love it so far!

  9. Hey can you look at the new york times video

    Watch what trump does with his hand as he draws the letter Q as he asks the reporters do you know what this means. The calm before the storm. Is this a proof. Been at this for just a couple of days. Interesting stuff

  10. Your YT site is one I share more than any others because #1 you are a Christian with the Christian worldview but also because when you know something hasn’t been proven as fact, you report it as that. That is important, especially to new listeners and newly woke folks.

  11. Thanks for doing this! I am looking at the site on an iPhone and there i.e. Too much white space between headlines of stories on the home page.

    I have begun a compilation of Internet references, a spreadsheet with mostly articles and some videos on the topics covered by Q & Trump. I will send you a link. Maybe it might be something you are interested in, or not.

    Frank B

  12. Hi Craig, would love the anons to revive story of Obama’s birth certificate and sealed history. Why has this story died? Just think if Trump were trying to use a forged b-certificate. The media would have a hayday! Hope your new site works out. I HATE USING YOUTUBE!

  13. Congrats, Craig. I very much enjoy listening to you so I’m happy you are taking this step. I realize this is beta but I’ll mention thst only headlines are visible right now but content is not loading. I’ll be back. 🙂

  14. Congrats on your new page. God bless all you do and know we are here for you as well. At least I am! God puts us where he needs us. Keep up the good work and THANK YOU!

  15. congratulations on the new site … a little perplexed as to why it’s not lookin’ like your picture in your video (???) … Seems like you’d only need a simple site (nothing too complex) … if you need help I could happily guide you 😉 Go Craig! 🙂

  16. Great idea to set up this website. I hope others do as well. The censorship is becoming a serious problem. Keep up the good work.

  17. I’m so glad that you have worked to put together a news site for all the Patriots to get more info than just the Q posts. Congratulations and great job, Craig! The site is wonderful and becoming a daily part of my life just like your YouTube channel. God bless you. I’ll keep you, your family, President Trump’s, Q, and all the Patriots world wide ready to defeat the evil cabal and liberate their own nation’s as we free our own. #wwg1wga #qannon #justinformednews

  18. I am so glad you have your own place to give us unfiltered news without having to rely on social media alone. With all censoring that is going on we will need to bypass them completely!! I love your work and I am so glad you take the time for putting our Lord and savior Jesus Christ in your videos. Thanks be to God for people like you. My family follows you and pray for you often.

  19. A woman who once worked as a drummer for Beyoncé claims the singer is wrapped up in the practices of “extreme witchcraft” and has been using her spells to run surveillance and control her finances, and now she wants a restraining order against Bey.

  20. Being new to all this tech realize the importance to share but it seems easier to climb on my roof and start shouting it all out. Maybe I will get on fake news!!!!!!!

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