Did Q Anon Predict The Exact Time of Death of “No Name” Exactly 30 Days Ago?

August 26, 2018 | JustInformed News
Q Post 1932

Q Anon’s latest post is causing the internet to start to seriously ask question about Senator John “No Name” McCain’s death. Several interesting theories seem to be popping up, but one very interesting connection comes directly out of Q’s latest post.

In Q post 1932, Q asks us about several things related to the death of “No Name” and previous posts about him.

For instance, the first reference is to Q post 1706.

Now, anons were quick to point out something very interesting about this post.

A) This post was made exactly 30 days before “No Name” dies.

B) This post was made by Q at 4:28 pm EST and John McCain was pronounced dead at exactly 4:28 pm local time.

So, questions to ask:

Is it a coincidence Q made this post exactly 30 days before the death of “No Name” and now he is asking us about the metaphorical kill box “[30]“?

And, is it a coincidence that Q points the the “[0:28]” which might refer to foreknowledge of the exact time of death of “No Name”?

As always let me know what you think in the comments.

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  1. GUAGE 2 months ago

    Hi Craig! Great to see this new platform. I want to commend you on the outstanding job you’re doing. Keep up the fight!

  2. Allan 2 months ago

    The Q post on July 25th was at 7:28 pm Eastern time which is the same as 4:28 Mountain time. No name’s time of death was reportedly at 4:28 Mountain time on August 25th, exactly 31 days to the minute after the original Q post. Cause and manner of death are in question. The fact that Q could pinpoint the time of death with accuracy suggests that No Name did not die of cancer as reported. Possible execution? Suicide?

  3. Eric Douglass 2 months ago

    Greetings Craig,
    I believe that he is talking about the 28 minute mark but not the hour. 1800 is 6:00 PM, not 4:00.
    I like listening to your talks and especially some of the scripture verses. They give comfort to these trying times.
    Go Q! Go Trump!

  4. Sylvia Askew 2 months ago

    Great article Craig! I would have mentioned about Q saying ..
    No name action taken
    Every dog has its day

  5. Sean 2 months ago

    So it looks like Q team were involved with the activity of pronouncing no names death and he wants us to know they wer in control if his destiny. Whats interesting is that we was allowed to leave a bash on potus. If q team was in control of this death anouncement. Why did they allow his disrespect on the pres. Most likely to make the lost lefties to stay calm by giving them a nugget of insult by no name.

  6. Nicky Dalbeth 2 months ago

    Hi Craig, love the new site here!
    Thanks for all your hard work in bringing us comprehensive updates, as well as scriptures.
    We really appreciate you. God bless!

  7. Neil 2 months ago

    I think McCain was given a choice to end himself or face an open court and trial!!!!

  8. Joe 2 months ago

    Time travel?

  9. Clarioncaller 2 months ago

    McCain’s TOD was exactly 9 years to the day that Ted Kennedy died of the same illness.

  10. Triuwida 2 months ago

    Brain cancer doesn’t disfigure the face, so why have a 4 day funeral… never opening the casket?

    Where’s the evidence that McCain is even dead?

  11. Art 2 months ago

    Seriously? I was trying to look into the claims all over the net and found this…The guy posts ye holy tons of stuff, and then AFTER an event happens goes back through his old posts, finds something that’ll work, posts something “cryptic” to point those hungry for validation back to it, and voila! This is among the top 5 of the oldest tricks in the books to convince people you’re psychic/in the know/some kind of undercover op.

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