Alice & Wonderland: Hillary Clinton & Saudi Arabia?

What did Hillary do in Saudi Arabia?

September 1, 2018 | JustInformed Talk

The above pictures were created by the “artist”, Alex Podesta.

Q Anon’s latest posts are quite disturbing to say the least. They point us in the direction of this disturbed individual’s “art” exhibit. In response to an ‘anon’ on 8ch who posted a graphic that detailed the connection between some of Q’s earliest posts where Q finishes each post with the phrase “Alice & Wonderland”.

Now, I will try my best to explain to you how Q specifically used this phrase in connection with Hillary Clinton and Saudi Arabia. For me, the most logical reading of this post only will make sense if you do as Q recommends and “re-read” the first posts that mention the phrase, “Alice & Wonderland”.

So, here we go.

First, Q asks important questions like: why more was not done to stop ISIS? Why did HUSSEIN let it get so bad? And, why has President Trump made more progress in far less time?

Second, Q asks about the Iran deal, North Korea, and Hussein + Valerie Jarrett.

Third, Q asks us to ‘reconcile’ how so many swamp creatures became filthy rich off of comparably meager low-six figure government income?

Fourth, Q highlights a post from an ‘anon’ who points to an article from which exposes the fact Huma Abedin, former HRC top aide, had strong ties to both the Muslim brotherhood and Saudi Arabia. The article basically points out that the Clinton’s seemed to have swept the whole thing under the rug with their pals in the #FAKENEWS. 

Finally, Q explains exactly what “Alice & Wonderland” is “Hillary Clinton & Saudi Arabia”.

So, to bring things back full circle, Q’s latest post today (featured at top of article) is said in response to an ‘anon’ sharing a graphic with every time Q mentioned “Alice & Wonderland”. Q responded by sharing pictures of Alex Podesta’s art and the message:

Past drops important to frame context.
These people need to ALL be ELIMINATED.
Those who know cannot sleep.

So, is Alex Podesta related to John Podesta?

I truly do not know. If so, it would seem the internet has been scrubbed of that info. But more important questions remain. For instance:

What deals did Hillary make with the Saudis?

How did Huma Abedin become so close to the Secretary of State?

Did Hillary, Hussein, or others engage in any illicit activities (i.e. human trafficking, aiding and abetting terrorists, embezzling money, accepting bribes, child abuse, corruption, treason)? 

These are merely a few of the dozens of questions these revelations bring to mind.

More updates as more info is available.

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God bless.


11 thoughts on “Alice & Wonderland: Hillary Clinton & Saudi Arabia?

  1. This is very interesting. Please dig deeper, like q says these people are sick. Do you know how the super rich party in saudi? I have read about people in cages while the rich poop on them, sick

  2. I see a comment stating Alex Podesta is second cousin to Tony & John…and I’m sure that’s true..because after years of doing genealogy research, I was amazed at the lack of verifiable info on this family.I couldn’t find the connection. But how many Podesta’s plus creepy art exist? One article about him locally said “people often thought he was to the related to the DC Podesta’s – which he laughs about – that’s it. No confirmation & no denial. That kind of cloudy wording isn’t necessary when there is nothing to hide.
    He has one “piece” that has that same rabbit head mounted like a hunting trophy…and more of the kind of art Podesta’s collect.
    The only thing very public about Podesta’s are gourmet cooking and their art collections. The cooking part gives them good cover for their use of code words, & their art woud (not saying it does) give them cover for shipping. Art going to an Embassy is loaded up on cargo plans (or shipping containers), and bypasses ALL SECURITY CHECKS. Their art collections would be great cover (lending out etc) just as cooking is for their code.

  3. This reminds me of… When President Trump was on the balcony with the white rabbit… The white rabbit had a pair of glasses on… as Q would say dark to light… #WWG1WGA

  4. Look at Alice G. Wells – She worked as HRC Assist Sec.State – Special council to Obama on Saudi Arabia (SA)
    POTUS 45 shifted her to India and India didn’t like her -said send other. Reference to water wells on Wiki site
    Alice and Wonderland (SA) — Wells= Watch the water SWAMPY!

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