FCC insider exposes IRS for enabling ID theft!

FCC insider exposes IRS for enabling ID theft!

Did IRS Enable ID Theft Under Obama To Exploit Cheap Labor? And how can President Trump use this to BUILD THE WALL?

September 14, 2018 | JustInformed News

A FCC insider has recently decided to blow the whistle on the Internal Revenue Service and Department of Homeland Security for their ineptitude in allowing thousands of criminals to commit identity theft and fraud. 

Mark Bayliss, a Technological Advisory Council(TAC) member at the Federal Communications Commission(FCC), has recently contacted JustInformedNews.com and agreed to be interviewed to explain exactly how the IRS and DHS are continuing to enact administrative policies which counter the abilities of both organizations to counter identity theft and fraud.

A couple of years back, Mark was working on IP transition which aimed to replace the existing LAN line system. He explains that he was the “head of numbers” and his work dealt primarily with the fact that telephone numbers will eventually run out. So, Mark was looking for “universal identifier” to replace the phone numbers with on this new replacement system.

In doing his research, he stumbled upon a story that he felt needed to be told. Now, it is important to note that the information that is being brought up here in this article has already been reported on by various other outlets, but Mark still believes this is an incredible injustice, and so do we.

The research in to finding a universal identifier eventually landed Mark at the Social Security Administration(SSA) where he began to inquire as to the viability of using social security numbers(SSNs) as universal identifiers. Unsurprisingly, the administration explained that this would not be possible for a couple of reasons.

First, the obvious security risk due to the sensitive nature of the number.

Second, the fact that the SSA has millions of people who report earnings to IRS with mismatched SSNs each year.

This is where the incredible story of how the DHS and IRS are currently facilitating one of the largest examples of mass identity theft and fraud known to date. 

According to Mark, “the IRS changed their software in order to allow people to file W-2 reports with a different name and a stolen social security number. The IRS deems this as not a crime as long as the stolen social security number was only used for purpose of employment.” 

Mark goes on the explain, “The IRS is actually facilitating the ability for people (to commit) identity theft.”

So, how is this possible?

Simple, Mark references The Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA) of 1995 and its revised guidelines which has basically done two things.

One, they have removed the ability for the IRS to notify business owners when they are employing an individual who is suspected of using another person’s SSN by using the Employer Identification Number(EIN) as the unique identifier as opposed to an individual’s name. This means that as long as the SSN is connected to a different EIN; the individual can use the same SSN with as many different names as they would like.

Two, the DHS had originally been using these mismatched filings as a premise to start investigations into criminal identity theft and illegal immigration. But, as of 2009, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) formally issued a final rule rescinding the Social Security “no match” rule. The “no match” rule, which was never implemented, would have forced employers to fire workers based on discrepancies in their Social Security records.(Credit: ACLU.org) This rule ultimately removed the DHS’s ability to investigate based on the “no match” premise.

So, how do we solve this issue and get Mexico to pay for building the wall?

Well, it starts by understanding how the Earning Suspense File(ESF) has been growing at an incredible rate over the past few decades.

What is the Earning Suspense File?

According to the Social Security Administration, the Earnings Suspense File, or simply suspense file, is an electronic holding file for wage items reported on Forms W-2s that cannot be matched to the earnings records of individual workers. A mismatch occurs when SSA cannot match the name and SSN on the W-2s submitted to information in SSA’s records. If SSA later resolves the mismatch, we can remove the item from the suspense file and credit the wages to that person’s record. (Credit: SSA.gov)

So, this is the fund where all those withholdings collected by the IRS from mismatched SSNs and W-2s end up. The account is said to have accumulated billions of dollars over the last few decades. Although, there are no official up-to-date accounts of how much money is actually in the ESF account. But as of October, 2005, approximately 8.8 million W-2s (3.7 percent of the total) representing $57.8 billion in wages remained in the suspense file for Tax Year 2003. (Credit: SSA.gov) So, by now the withheld money has been estimated to be close to a trillion dollars by some experts.

So, simply put, by allowing investigators to start indicting and prosecuting individuals who have committed tax fraud and identity theft by using fake SSNs to file W-2s, we can use the siezed assets which could be in the billions of dollars for the government to use however it sees fit. And, if a large portion of those individuals happen to be Mexicans who used fake SSNs to gain employment in the United States, then, technically, Mexico could end up paying for that big, beautiful wall.

This issue sits right at the heart of another large problem. These policies have allowed for many illegal immigrants to game the system by using fake SSNs to obtain drivers’ licenses, SSN cards, and voter registration cards.

If you would like to hear more on this story, I encourage you to watch the full interview of Mark Bayliss on JustInformed Talk YouTube Channel.

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12 thoughts on “FCC insider exposes IRS for enabling ID theft!

  1. Great article. I wanted to watch the suggested video on you tube but I can not find it.
    Thank you all you do 🇺🇸🇺🇸

    1. I thought it was a great article as well. I also got to watch the Youtube video and found it very informative. It’s amazing how much money is just sitting there and has been sitting there for years. imagine what you could do with all that money as far as inner-city programs ,fixing infrastructure and building a wall . it would be a fair assumption that there is probably similar accounts in other divisions of our government. As a 12-year veteran of the United States Army, I would just like to say thank you Craig for all the hard work and effort you put into getting the word out that things aren’t right in Wonderland. I served under Bush 41 and let me tell you from experience… There was a lot of funky stuff going on back then too!

  2. This is so disgusting!! I had my soc sec # stolen by 2 illegals and used to open credit cards, get new checks, and I had to prove my innocence so that I wouldn’t go to jail. It’s awful!

  3. I was living in Florida (there are many illegals who work In many different jobs from sharecropping to cutting grass to roofing) when the IRS informed me that someone filed and received a tax return in my name. I do not receive a refund on my tax return, but someone else did…..I agree that these rules or laws should be changed to bring these people up on charges for stealing my identity….I would hate to think that someone is voting for a democrat in my name…..this would be a great way to build the wall or maybe two….. one behind the other!

  4. Every day I am finding out just how far and wide the corruption is. Why are we not in the streets with pitchforks? It must be because we don’t know logically who to start with. With every investigation, didn’t we all feel that it was a sham and that the truth was hidden? If it weren’t for Trump, we would still be told that we are ignorant fools. Who are the fools now? Thank you Craig and Mark for bringing this to us. -Robin DeRose

  5. Marvelous reporting. A few technical comments. All those over me to and tech acronyms can aggravate a reader. You need to make sure you define every one the very first time you use it (you begin, eg, by using IP without defining it). Second, there must somewhere exist another seminal article like this one on identity theft as well as other such concepts presented. Cross-references to such work would greatly enhance this effort — the linking of such great ideas and stories will lend great strength to your efforts.

    I listen to all your video presentations and find this written word an added magnificent medium for you. Please keep up this great work!

    – – An old scientist, retired, Gloucester, MA

  6. These numbers in this article stopped at 2005. So, by the time Obama hauled off trillions of dollars in planes as a gift to Iran, this account must be empty. So do not assume the money is there to even pay a hardworking federal capitol building Citizen Janitor–much less a billion $ wall!

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